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TMJ Relief in Oklahoma City

person with jaw painTemporomandibular Joint (TMJ) pain is often a debilitating condition, affecting the jaw joint and surrounding musculature. This complex joint facilitates essential functions, such as chewing and talking, and its dysfunction results in moderate to severe discomfort. Here at Chiaf Chiropractic Clinic, we offer relief through our specific approach to chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care is a holistic and non-invasive way to address TMJ pain. Dr. Chiaf specializes in the musculoskeletal system, beginning with the alignment and function of the spinal cord, but his knowledge and skill extends further. Dr. Chiaf is here to realign your body and promote utmost TMJ health.

Find out more about how chiropractic care might help resolve your TMJ concerns.

A Holistic Approach

By starting with spinal alignment, Dr. Chiaf is able to set your body up for overall success. Here is how chiropractic care can play a vital role in managing your TMJ pain:

  • Spinal Alignment: Chiropractic care involves the assessment of the spine to identify misalignments that may contribute to TMJ dysfunction. Through gentle adjustments, Dr. Chiaf aims to restore alignment and relieve tension and stress on the jaw joint.
  • Muscle Tension Relief: Chiropractic care utilizes hands-on techniques to release muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, and jaw. By addressing these imbalances, Dr. Chiaf can alleviate strain on the TMJ to reduce pain and improve function.
  • Joint Mobilization: Chiropractors have the ability to perform specific adjustments to the jaw joint, reducing inflammation and promoting better mobility. Dr. Chiaf works to enhance the TMJ’s range of motion and alleviate discomfort associated with TMJ dysfunction.
  • Posture Correction: Poor posture can contribute to TMJ pain. Dr. Chiaf evaluates overall posture and provides wellness guidance. These suggestions include corrective exercises and ergonomic changes to prevent ongoing stress on the jaw joint.
  • Stress Management: Stress is a common contributor of TMJ disorders. Dr. Chiaf may incorporate stress-reducing methods, such as lifestyle changes, to address this underlying factor.

We understand that your condition is unique to you. Our individualized chiropractic care plans provide you with the specific stability your jaw joint needs to thrive.

Why Wait?

Dr. Chiaf is committed to working closely with you to learn more about your symptoms, identify their contributing factors, and address the primary source of your discomfort. Why wait to take advantage of a holistic approach to your TMJ pain? Our practice is here for you. Schedule your appointment today!



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