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brown leather wallet

Back-Saver Wallets in Oklahoma City

Chiaf Chiropractic Clinic is the proud home of the TPK® Back-Saver Wallet—a revolutionary wallet designed to enhance your spinal well-being.

The TPK® Back-Saver Wallet was created to alleviate common discomfort associated with traditional back-pocket wallets. Significantly thinner than conventional wallets, they seamlessly fit into your front pocket—ultimately, eliminating back strain and promoting spinal alignment.

Crafted with precision, the TPK® Back-Saver Wallet prioritizes both functionality and style. It is made of genuine full-grain leather and provides ample space for everyday essentials, like cards and cash, all while maintaining a slim profile. This ensures a discreet and comfortable fit as well as a positive impact on your posture.

Get Yours Today

Bid farewell to the bulk of conventional wallets. The TPK® Back-Saver Wallet offers a unique combination of practicality and spine-friendly performance. Embrace the freedom of movement, improved posture, and enhanced comfort that comes with the TPK® Back-Saver Wallet.

Are you interested in purchasing your first TPK® Back-Saver Wallet? We are happy to help. Please contact our practice to learn more and get yours today.


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