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Meet the Team at Chiaf Chiropractic Clinic

Brandy Hoegg, Office Manager

Born and raised in Southern Ohio, the oldest child of 5. I moved to OKC in 2019. Brandy is the Office Manager at Chiaf Chiropractic Clinic. Ever since I arrived in Oklahoma; I have graduated from OSU, started a bachelor’s degree, got married to the love of my life Ryan and am raising 4 kids, we have 6 kids total (a real Brady Bunch). I have 4 cats, love horses, gardening, quilting, knitting, and Guatemalan backstrap weaving, anything crafty, gaming, and everyone I meet becomes family. I am a nurse by trade. What I love about Oklahoma is the long stretches of highway, the starry nights, and Lake Hefner. I have so much more to explore! I came to Dr. Chiaf as a patient when I stood at the stove cooking dinner for Thanksgiving a year ago, after standing all day I could not get out of bed the next morning. What I have learned about health and chiropractic since I started in the clinic has helped me feel better. Chiropractic is a way of life, not just a fad! Dr. Chiaf has a way of teaching his patients why chiropractic works and how to add nutrition into their daily life. Along with these practices and adding daily supplements like Standard Process supplements, You can feel better too.

Michelle Rodriguez, Insurance Manager

Born in Texas and spent many years of my life in Orlando Florida and moved to Oklahoma in my teens. I am now the Insurance Manager at Chiaf Chiropractic Clinic. I spend my free time with my 5 yr. old son Jeremiah, floating the river with friends and family, watching car racing, planning parties, enjoying coffee, traveling, working out, or web searching for the next adventure I can get into. I bring 14 years’ experience managing offices and assisting with procedures in Specialty Eye clinics. After moving to Oklahoma City, I decided to change my career (actually, Dr. Chiaf stole me from the eye clinic) to learn about Chiropractic. Since starting at the clinic, I have had relief from pain in my shoulder, neck pain, and headaches that have plagued me for 20 years after an incident where I pulled my arm out of socket while trying to catch a full 5-gallon paint can that fell off a shelf. I believe that natural health is an adventure all on its own and can’t wait to continue exploring new ways to help others! I am learning about gut health and how to heal leaky gut. I am excited to help patients on their journey to better health within the gut microbiome.


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