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Chiaf Chiropractic Clinic Reviews

Chiaf Chiropractic Clinic team

What Our Oklahoma City Patients Say

At Chiaf Chiropractic Clinic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Very Thankful for Dr. Chiaf

I was in extreme pain in my neck, shoulders and back in early 2006 and didn’t know where to turn. Thankfully I was referred to Dr. Chiaf. He gave me immediate relief. I was in an auto accident in 1987, and Dr. Chiaf discovered through x-rays that my neck vertebrae were perfectly straight, and lacked the normal cervical curvature. After getting me where I could function without constant pain, he showed me how I can regain the curvature in my neck so I can reduce neck problems as I age. Each year, we see a little progress.

Dr. Chiaf is very caring and uses modern chiropractic technique instead of “bone cracking” that is often associated with chiropractors. He is also knowledgeable about natural remedies for many non-bone ailments, which have helped me a lot. I am very thankful for Dr. Chiaf and his always friendly staff.


Back Problems

At first I wasn’t too sure about chiropractic and my husband John had been going to Dr. Chaif for a while and he told me I should go try it. That was one of the BEST things I did. I have had back problems for a long time as well as carpel tunnel. Since I have been seeing Dr. Chiaf, I am feeling so much better! Not only my back but he has helped my sinus problems as well! He is very thorough with treatment and I was bad about not going as often as I should, he explained to me why it was important for me to come on a regular basis! It takes several treatments for improvement! One thing I have learned is to keep going and you will feel a difference, I even told my family doctor about it and he thinks it’s great that chiropractic is helping me so much that I was able to cut down on my pain medication as well! I think more people should try it and they will FEEL much better!! He is WONDERFUL and really cares about his patients! My husband and I are BLESSED to have found him! He has done wonders for my husband as well, who has serous back problems. I think anyone who has back, neck, leg problems should see Dr. Chiaf, he’s the MAN! We love him! He is wonderful! You won’t regret it!!

Thanks so much,


Lower Lumber Muscle Strain

I am 41years of age, and my story begins when I was in the U.S. Army in 1998. After 13 years of being in the Field Artillery, needless to say my body was wearing down. One day while lifting a section of track from one of the vehicles onto a 2 ½ ton truck, I felt something pop in my lower back to the right of my spine. For the next 10 years I went to doctor after doctor including army doctors for 4 years to try and find out what was wrong, all they would do was tell me the X-Rays and MRI’s came back normal and they diagnosed me with a lower lumber muscle strain.

The pain would come and go but it would always return. My back would lock up and I would be on the floor until I could somehow maneuver around to relieve the pain enough to get up. After muscle relaxers, heat treatments and cold packs no longer helped.
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One day I went to my children’s school and was talking to my children’s teacher about it and she recommended Dr. John Chiaf. Now I had always heard the horror stories about chiropractors and their methods of manipulating the spine and some just ended up doing more harm than good, which was the reason I waited 10 years to go to one. But I finally got my nerve up and went in. Dr. Chiaf was really nice, he explained everything in detail, he took some X-Rays of my back, and told me he would like to take a couple of days to look at them and would show them to me. He was able to give me some temporary relief until my next appointment. This by the way was unlike anything I had ever had. It didn’t hurt at all.

I returned and he told me I was at a late stage 2 as far degeneration goes, so it was repairable. The results of the X-rays were this; the space in between my vertebrae needed to be 12 mm, but mine in certain places were only 2 mm so they were pinching my nerves. He told me it was going to take about 48-50 sessions to get my back returned to normal. I went in to see him in late May, and its now July, so its been about 6 weeks, that would put me about half way and I can say I look forward to going to see him because the techniques he uses actually make a difference, I mean you can really feel the difference. I am not saying that my back doesn’t hurt sometimes, but when it does I am able to control the pain with the help of Dr. Chiaf. If anyone asked me, I would and have already recommended people to Dr. Chiaf, he is the best doctor I have ever been to. He has been a real blessing to me and my back.


Back Problems

Before I started going to Dr. Chiaf I was in pain but, I didn’t realize how much pain I was in until after about a week of sessions. Then when my pain was going away that’s when I realized how much pain I had in my entire back before I stared seeing Dr. Chiaf. I believe that most of my back problems were a result of playing football in high school. Now I have been going to see Dr. Chiaf for about six weeks and my performance at my job has improved. I am also able to do things at home when I get off work. I wish I would have gone to see Dr. Chiaf sooner. I would like to thank Dr. Chiaf, he has made me a better person to be around because I am out of pain.


Complete Relief

When I first came to Dr. Chiaf, I was having a lot of problems, the most apparent being that I limped when I walked. Not only am I walking normally now, I am on my way to complete relief from my back pain. The most important thing I can say about Dr. Chiaf is that he cares about his patients. Because he has gone over and aboveboard to do what is needed to help me with my distress, I have a huge appreciation for him and I recommend him highly.


Pain is Gone

I would like to share how Dr. Chiaf has helped with my chronic back problems. My husband and I were on a cruise for our 25th anniversary having the time of our lives. On one shore excursion, we went to the beach in the Bahamas where it is normally pretty calm. On this particular occasion, the waves were exceptionally high and the undertow was dangerous. I was barely ankle deep and a rogue wave hit me from behind as I was looking toward the shore. It knocked me over and then the undertow flipped me and started to drag me further away from shore. It knocked the breath out of me and wrenched my back. My husband pulled me out of the water and we finished the cruise safely. However, my back was hurting really bad, we got on the plane headed for home. While in the confines of airline seating and over crowding circumstances, I began to experience excruciating pain. By the time we arrived on our home tarmac, I was in tears and could not get off the plane fast enough. Thankfully, the next day I make an appointment with Dr. Chiaf. After just a couple of visits, my pain was gone. I am on a maintenance regiment now with Dr. Chiaf, and I am here to tell you, if it were not for his skills as a Chiropractor I would still be living in pain.

Having said all of that, I highly recommend Dr. Chiaf if you have any back pain at all.



Exuberant, free of heaviness, stiffness, frozen muscles. I have a clearer mind, more energy, just, an all over peace! All just since May 13, 2008 Since Dr. Chiaf started treating my misaligned spine, my discomforts of my fibromyalgia changed. He also directed me towards the book “The Fungus Link” about a diet that could help me with my fibromyalgia. Between treatment with Dr. Chiaf and only small changes in my diet so far, I feel awesome. I recently went to Ireland and enjoyed it. I had energy. Fatigue and pain Did Not Hold Me Back!


Hip Pain

I go to Dr. Chiaf for my right hip pain. When my hip goes out it pinches my sciatica nerve shooting pain all the way down my right leg. When Dr. Chiaf adjusts me it really helps and I am as good as new in a few days. I used to have migraine headaches and Dr. Chiaf is the only doctor to have helped me with them. Now I am pain free and able to work. I refer everyone I know to Dr. Chiaf

P.S. My whole family sees Dr. Chiaf and he helps us all.


Pinched Nerves

When I first walked into Dr. Chiaf’s office almost three and a half years ago I was in agony! The pain had started first in my back and progressed to my neck. My friends insisted that I see Dr. Chiaf. You can not believe how much better I felt after the first couple of treatments. The X-Rays showed my spine to be curved and misaligned. Possible causing me to walk with added stress on my right knee for years. After Dr. Chiaf straightened my spine and relaxed the pinched nerves that were causing my neck and back pain he examined my right knee and referred me to an orthopedic surgeon. I had right knee surgery, and now I have no knee pain at all. Dr. Chiaf knows when he can help someone and when he needs to refer them to a specialist. Dr. Chiaf takes into account the whole body and wants what is best for his patients. My spine is straight and I have no neck or back pain now, I continue to see Dr. Chiaf for maintenance care. I have never felt better or had more energy. I recommend Dr. Chiaf to anyone that is hurting.


Carpel Tunnel

As a rule I am not very fond of Doctors and don’t trust most of them, but Dr. Chiaf impressed me shortly after I started seeing him. He had a little girl about 11 or 12 years old in his office, her mother was bring her in because she was complaining of pain in her arm. Dr. Chiaf examined her and took X-Rays and discovered she had broken her arm, instead of trying to treat the girl he offered to call and make an appointment with an orthopedic specialist for children. This impressed me that Dr. Chiaf put the patients care above his own. Dr. Chiaf has been able to help me with my back pain and wrist’s (carpel tunnel). I recently ruptured a disc in my low back Dr. Chiaf immediately referred me to a neurosurgeon for a second opinion. I trust Dr. Chiaf with my entire family because he will always put our needs first.


Cerebral Palsy

For me Dr. Chiaf has been a God send. He has been helping me for 6 years now. I have Cerebral Palsy and has helped me tremendously with my neck and back pain and ability to walk. This has really helped me manage my disability. You will not find a better man to help you in OKLAHOMA CITY!!!


Highly Recommend Dr. Chiaf

After being a disc jockey for over thirteen years and always on the go, it was a shock to suffer from chronic lower-back pain 3 months into my new career as a Work Opportunity Tax Credit representative. I was not accustomed to sitting for long periods of time, and my back reminded me of that rather severely. From the initial evaluation to my current clinical visits, Dr. Chiaf and his staff have been exceptional through my entire recovery. If you suffer form back pain, allergies, or other chronic pain, I highly recommend Dr. Chiaf.


Extreme Pain in My Lower Back

When I first started treatment, thirteen months ago, I had extreme pain in my lower back to the point that I couldn’t roll over in bed without serious twinges. Walking from one room to another was a painful trial. Over the past several months, with treatments four days a week to start and tapering off to a couple of times a week, lately, my pain has decreased markedly and my lower back flexibility has increased considerably. Last year, after a 2000 mile road trip, I could hardly walk. This year, after a trip of the same distance, I felt fine. Thank you for giving me back my mobility.


Compassionate Chiropractor

Dr. Chiaf is a gifted, caring and compassionate chiropractor who uses a holistic approach in his practice. If it were not for Dr. Chiaf, my wife (who is a RN) and I would not have had the improvements in our health that we experience today. He not only treats your “bones and joints” but also looks out for your general well-being by recommending natural products in addition to chiropractic adjustments.

He is kind Christian man who has even come to see his patients in the hospital. I know this to be true because he came to see me. You know that you’re not just another patient to him, but that you are special. He genuinely cares about people. My wife and I highly recommend Dr. Chiaf for your chiropractic needs.

-Daniel and Beverly

Neck had Popped

When I first came in to see Dr. Chiaf, I was in an extreme amount of pain. Something in my neck had popped and I couldn’t sit, lie down, or even stand. Absolutely nothing was working. I called his office as soon as they opened and they told me to come in that very afternoon. I am so glad that I chose him because it turned out that my injury was left from a car accident I had been in the year before! I have had so much relief and one of my favorite things is being adjusted by his instrument the activator, it is also nice to be adjusted by the use of his hands when needed. I recommend him to everyone I know.



After 22 years in the Army running in combat boots, road marches, sleeping on the ground and wearing rucksacks and go to war gear my back was a mess. The technical term is scoliosis. I decided to see a chiropractor. The army does not have chiropractors nor does TRICARE cover that type of care. I was on my own. I went to see Dr. Chiaf. He X-Rayed my back and neck. That is when I saw the bad curve in my spine. I started seeing Dr. Chiaf three times a week to get my back straight. Now I only go once a week. Before I could hardly turn my neck without pain, now I do kickboxing and step aerobics, I am in the best shape of my life!! Dr. Chiaf has also treated my migraine headaches and has kept my carpel tunnel from invading my wrists!! I have recommended Dr. Chiaf to many of my friends and will continue to do so.


Bulging Disks

I’m a 48 year old male with several bulging disks in my lower back, determined by an MRI I had about 3 years ago. I’m not sure exactly how the disk problems occurred. It was probably due to the many motorcycle/car accidents I was involved in earlier in my youth.

My first visit with Dr. Chiaf was in July of 2006. I had just returned from our family vacation, with my back completely out due to simple bending the wrong way. I went to a regular doctor while on vacation and got the usual regimen of muscle relaxers and a steroid dose pack, but it had very little effect. I was X-rayed at Dr. Chiaf’s office and an initial adjustment was made which greatly helped the pain. I specifically remember Dr. Chiaf calling me at home that evening to check and see how I was doing. I had been to several other chiropractors through the years, yet I had never had one personally call me at home to check on my condition. That made a positive lasting impression on me.

I’ve been using Dr. Chiaf for over two years now, and he’s kept my back in good shape despite a couple of back injuries I’ve had due to me being negligent playing softball, fishing, etc. I really like the fact that he uses an activator device to help straighten the spine, as opposed to other chiropractors I’ve been to who use the old “crack the back” methods. The activator is pain free and seems to work much better for me. With the chiropractic maintenance I receive from Dr. Chiaf a couple of times a week, my back stays pretty much pain free.

I would recommend Dr. Chiaf and his chiropractic care to family, friends and anyone else who needs a good chiropractor.


Happy with my care!

Its not often that I have the privilege to tell people how happy I am with the care that I have received from a Dr. however that is exactly what I’m going to do!

I am a former business owner and I did not have workman’s comp on myself which was a mistake and then being the main employee this seriously hurt my livelihood.

Dr. Chiaf took me in immediately and worked with me while we fought with my insurance carrier. There were times that Dr. Chiaf would see me a couple of times per day not because he didn’t fix it the first time… it was because I would get in a hurry and pick up things I shouldn’t or get on my riding lawn mower and the bouncing around would undue what he had just fixed. Both Dr. Chiaf and Cathy have been extremely patient with me during the recovery time as I was the person who would be just like a child and go and do things Dr. Chiaf repeatedly would tell me not to do.

I do not hesitate in the least to tell everyone that “my friends” at Dr. Chiafs’ office take very good care of their patients and if you listen you’ll recover a whole lot faster.


My story is:

In June of 2006, I was well on my way to chemical dependency to cure my neck and back pain. I was going back and forth to the Doctors getting more and more drugs. Oh sure the pills toke away the pain but when the pills were gone. My aches and pains always came back.

In July of 2006, in addition to my neck and back pain, I was not sleeping due to a pain throbbing in my left arm. When I was awake my left arm was useless due to numbness. Oh yeah, I still had neck and back pain while awake too! I was unable to do the simplest tasks at my job. Once again I went to the Doctors. I got more drugs. I thought, here I go again.

So, in July of 2006, I called Chiaf Chiropractic Clinic. I set up an appointment to see what Dr. John D. Chiaf can do. I remember after my first visit, I knew that Dr. Chiaf would be able to help me. He took the time to explain what was going on with my neck, left arm, and back. There were no surprises in my treatment, due to his explanations. I’m sorry, I forgot there was one surprise, the treatments did not involve drugs.

After one week of visits to Dr. Chiaf, the pain and numbness in my left arm went away. Through the weeks, months to years of treatments I have seen improvements just short of a miracle. I am drug free, I am able to work, I am keeping up with my kids, and my quality of life is excellent.

I still amaze my co-workers in the fact that I continue to keep them on their much younger toes. Thanks to Dr. Chiaf at Chiaf Chiropractic Clinic.

My name is:
Thanks to Dr. Chiaf
I am 48 years old and can still move like I am 18! (Well, I Feel Like I Can)

Severe car wreck

In 2000 I was in a severe car wreck where I fractured two vertebrae in my neck. I had lived in fairly severe pain for 7 years thinking that I would just have to deal with it for the rest of my life. I started to see Dr. Chiaf in 2007 and have been amazed by the great progress I have made in the past year. I have gone from constant pain to basically pain free. On my one-year exam I received new x-rays and I was amazed because it looked like a totally different spine!

I typically see Dr. Chiaf two to three times a week. Most days I come in and Dr. Chiaf can tell exactly where I am in pain before I even say anything. Dr. Chiaf has made me realize that living with pain is not necessary! I am very grateful to Dr. Chiaf and his staff for all they have done for me.


Our “primary care” physician

My family has known Dr. Chiaf for five years as our chiropractor and friend. He has been our “primary care” physician by helping us understand proper health and preventative care. His knowledge has helped to keep us healthy and properly aligned. We come to him for his expertise and above all else, his care and concern for our family. My wife and I have four children and their health is very important to us. I completely trust Dr. Chiaf to facilitate the proper growth and development of our children. It is amazing when the body functions properly how much better we all feel. As a husband and father I am truly thankful for the blessing Dr. Chiaf and Cathy have been to our family and how I know he earnestly cares for our well being. We look forward to many more years of a very beneficial relationship!!!

With much appreciation,


For years I have had headaches and pain in my neck and back. My pain was so bad it took me to the hospital on several occasions. The only thing they could do for me was prescribe pain pills that did nothing for the pain. My boss recommended that I go to Dr. Chiaf’s office. At first I was a little sore but after a few months my pain was almost non-existent. Thanks to Dr. Chiaf I am feeling better than I have ever felt.


Neck and lower back problems

I first met Dr. Chiaf before I moved to Oklahoma. I had experienced neck and lower back problems for several years. While we were visiting my son in Piedmont he suggested I see Dr. Chiaf. After a few visits Dr. Chiaf had the pain under control. I now have a greater range of motion in my neck and my back pain is completely gone. No other doctor has been able to accomplish this.

When I do dumb things like holding the end of a rope with a three hundred pound tree limb on the other end while being drug through a brush pile, Dr. Chiaf is always there to put me back together.

Dr. Chiaf is not only an excellent chiropractor, but I also consider him a very good friend.


Dr. Chiaf you saved my life!

When I began seeing Dr. Chiaf I was at a low point in my life. I was not living a productive life due to the severe pain in my right jaw. I had been battling the pain for two years. Early summer of 2004 I was diagnosed as having TMJ. I sought help from a neurologist, a craniofacial pain center, and several dentists. Each helped a little for a short time. The pain returned and because it did I began to make plans for the only option I had left. That option was surgery without guarantee of it solving my problems. A family member was encouraging me to go to a chiropractor. I thought about it and decided to give it a try. I could always have surgery. A friend of mine gave me Dr. Chiaf’s name. One afternoon while driving home I decided I would check his practice out.

The day I walked into Dr. Chiaf’s office my life changed. I received help that very day. I found someone that really cared and knew that I was in severe pain. Dr. Chiaf told me he could help me but I must be willing to come for treatment. I made that decision and after time was relieved of the pain and continued to be pain free with follow up adjustments. Thank you Dr. Chiaf.



I was in a lot of pain. I couldn’t walk, stand, sit, or lay without hurting. I was on a lot of over the counter pain pills to relieve the pain. I finally decided to go see Dr. Chiaf. He took x-rays. He told me I had several discs that where out of place and pushing against nerves. Within 10 treatments I was almost pain free.


Low back

A co-worker recommended Dr. Chiaf to me when I mentioned my lower back was bothering me. Dr. Chiaf took X-rays and noticed I had been in two car wrecks. The car wrecks had taken their toll on my back and neck over the years. Dr. Chiaf started treatment on me and I started feeling better.

One month later I was out riding my newly trained horse. A strange woman spooked my horse by running up to us with a pack of dogs. After three hard bucks by my horse, I was launched out of the saddle. I landed on my right hip and immediately felt intense pain. I was barely able to walk. I called Dr. Chiaf and he agreed to see me right away. He started treatments and took away the severe pain I was feeling. After a few months of treatment I was able to start riding again. I have been amazed how much I have improved after my accident with all the damage I sustained. It is only with Dr. Chiaf’s caring treatment I have progressed this far.

Dr. Chiaf’s treatment of my neck has also improved my range of motion and relieved the headaches I have suffered with all my life. What a relief this has been to me.

It is truly amazing to walk into his office and have him diagnose exactly where I am feeling pain. I do not have to tell him where I am hurting or even that I am hurting at all. Dr. Chiaf is so knowledgeable and highly trained he can point to the exact spot on my body where I am hurting without me saying anything.

Dr. Chiaf’s staff and office is very friendly. They make you feel very comfortable and at home. I highly recommend Dr. Chiaf to everyone I know.


Severe scoliosis

I have dealt with severe scoliosis since my early teens. When I was 19 I hurt my back and was unable to even walk well or lift more than 5 lbs. I had no insurance but needed urgent care. I was recommended to Dr. Chiaf. He worked it out where I was able to receive the care I needed. As time went on I was able to walk normally and even sleep without pain. I began to think I no longer needed care. Years later I again hurt my back so severe I needed help to get up from sitting and had so much pain walking I looked like someone 80 years old. I sought out Dr. Chiaf again because of his superior care for my health and also his kindness. I now am again able to walk, sleep and also able to lift my daughter normally without pain. I will continue to receive Dr. Chiaf’s services on a regular basis. I recommend anyone who needs treatment to come see Dr. Chiaf and continue to see him as along as they can. I not only call him my Doctor but also my friend.


Cerebral palsy

Hi, my name in Jonathan and I’ve been a patient of Dr. Chiaf’s for many years, probably since the mid to late 80’s. I am afflicted with cerebral palsy and have suffered many falls over the years plus I’ve been involved in car accidents and office work related strains and sprains. Dr. Chiaf has always provided me with excellent care and advice concerning treatments. He is a very knowledgeable and competent doctor who I highly recommend. P.S. His office staff is always friendly and helpful!!!


Hurting people looking for relief

My husband and I needed rest, healing, and relief from our headaches. My husband was done wrong at a chiropractic clinic last year. He received little to no relief. I prayed for direction and called the Chiaf Chiropractic Clinic. I thought it was only my husband that needed treatment but I needed adjustments also. My husband was not easy to believe Dr. Chiaf or his staff that they could help. But after his first visit I saw pain and stress almost disappear. My husband wanted me to try, and WOW what a relief I have had. I will admit I thought how could we afford to keep going. But with Dr. Chiaf he is really a true doctor who cares for his patient’s well being not their pocket book. So of course we have been going since June 2008. Where else could you get sinus pressure relief, help with shoulder strains, or knee pain from surgery relief? One doctor, Dr. Chiaf.

Thanks for everything,
-Scott and Sharla

Lower back pain from 5 children

I began seeing Dr. Chiaf in 2003 with pain in my lower back from 5 children and a nonstop lifestyle. I am 51 years old and I can do more now than when I was 30! I believe that Dr. Chiaf is well-educated in spinal alignment as well as internal health. He also introduced me to a revolutionary way of health through Doug Kaufman’s books on fungus that has now totally changed my life. Dr. Chiaf is very compassionate, cares a lot for each person who walks through the front door and has been a wonderful blessing to my whole family. Thank you so much Dr. Chiaf!


Lower back pain

I’ve been a regular patient of Dr. Chiaf for the last 8 years. My first visit was to determine the cause of my lower back pain. After Dr. Chiaf was able to diagnose and correct that problem area I have continued to see him on a bi-weekly basis to maintain a healthy life style. This has increased my awareness of my body and what actually causes each ache and pain, not just treating the symptoms but eliminating the cause.


Headaches and more!

I was having headaches, constant lower back pain, and shooting pains down both legs when I began going to the Chiaf Chiropractic Clinic. That was over 9 years ago. Since then, I have been rear-ended twice, and injured my shoulder. Dr. Chiaf has worked with me for the whiplash, and I have regained full range of motion in my shoulder. I rarely have lower back or leg pan unless I overdo it physically, and then it just takes a visit or two to Dr. Chiaf and I am out of pain. He has practically eliminated my headaches as well, and if I do begin to have them, I get in as soon as I can, and the headaches go away. After receiving treatment from Dr. Chiaf, I feel 20 years younger, and what a great thing that is! I love that I can do more physically now than I could 10 years ago, thanks to the care of Dr. Chiaf and his staff.



I started getting my first migraines this year at age 27. They started becoming more frequent and I just couldn’t take the pain anymore. I discovered that I got them more when I was wearing high heals, and when I would take my shoes off the pain would go away immediately. I knew I need to see a chiropractor. I looked up chiropractors online and Dr. Chiaf was the first one. I called and made an appointment right away! I was really pleased with my first assessment. They explained all the procedures thoroughly to me. He took pictures of my back and wouldn’t adjust me until he had time to study them. I felt very comfortable with the treatment I would receive. The next day I went back to discuss the results. Dr. Chiaf explained what was wrong and what we were going to do as a team to correct it. I am pleased to say that in just a few short months my migraines are completely gone! In fact, I rarely even have headaches anymore! Dr. Chiaf and his staff are completely professional and very understanding. They’ve always worked with what my needs are. I would recommend anyone who needs to see a chiropractor to com see Dr. Chiaf and his staff!


Car Accident

My husband was being treated by Dr. John Chiaf for pain in his back and hips. He was doing so well. I was amazed. He was walking and not complaining. He could lift his legs like in a high stepping march. He could bend over and pick things off the floor.

We were in a car accident in 1976. I hurt my back in that accident. I was told I would never be able to pick up more than 40 pounds and my back would probably get progressively worse as I got older. Well here I am 63 years old and sure enough my back was giving me fits. I asked my husband if he thought Dr. Chiaf could do anything for me. He said I should ask him.

I was in the office with my husband and did ask Dr. Chiaf if he could help me too. I was in the x-ray room within a few moments. The next day I went into Dr. Chiaf’s office, he had the x-rays in his hands. He showed me how my spine was twisted and explained how he felt he could help me too. Since I had seen what he had done for my husband I was ready to get started right away.

It has been about three and a half weeks now and I am amazed. I still have some pain but I can almost feel my back getting better. I can bend over and put a couple of cases of cokes on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator (one can at a time), raise up and then put the rest of my groceries away. What a miracle.

I felt so good a week ago that I trimmed the tree in our front yard. It was a big job. Yes, I paid for that. But I was not down for a week or so like I would have been before my treatments with Dr. Chiaf. He did scold me (just a little) for doing all that so soon. I was just feeling so good that I wanted to do it. I’m thinking of all the things I can get done now. Dr. Chiaf says I need to take it slow and easy when doing things. I feel so good I’m ready to get a lot of things done but I guess I’ll listen to the doctor.

I’m sure I won’t be able to run a marathon or anything like that. After all, I am 63. But I am not going to let myself get old too fast now that I know Dr. Chiaf. I will bet that he can help you too.


To Whom It May Concern:

When I first moved to the Oklahoma City area in December of 2007 I injured my lower back moving furniture, etc. After a couple of months of lower back pain and shooting pain down my left leg, stiffness in my back and shoulders, I came to see Dr. Chiaf to see if he could help with my problems. Within two visits my pain in my lower back and left leg were gone and my stiffness was beginning to loosen up. Within the first week, all my problems were alleviated and I was feeling very good. Through the successive months Dr. Chiaf has treated me and helped my body and its ability to move. The most important thing about Dr. Chiaf and his staff is that they truly car about their patients. It is one place where one is treated as a patient, friend and family member all in one. I highly recommend Dr. Chiaf to anyone having any type of skeletal/muscular problems.


I could hardly walk!

A few months ago I was in such pain I could hardly walk. Bending over was only a memory. I had been to doctor after doctor. A medical doctor told me I was going to have to live with my pain or have back surgery. My back and hips hurt so bad I was desperate. I knew I had to find help somewhere or I was going to spend the rest of my life either in my chair or in bed. My wife was taking me to a doctor’s appointment. We were driving through downtown Oklahoma City on I-40 when I saw a sign advertising Dr. John Chiaf, Chiropractor. I thought to myself “what do I have to lose?” When we got home that afternoon I had my wife look up the number in the phone book. I couldn’t remember anything but the name and that the office was on Hefner. I called and was in Dr. Chiaf’s office the next day. He took x-rays and the next day he showed me where my problems were and told me that he was sure he could help. I thought to myself, “right.” I had been to so many doctors and couldn’t find any relief. What made this guy think he could help me? I knew I didn’t have much to lose and if he really could help me I had a lot to gain in my life. He explained about the treatments and that cost to me. I couldn’t believe it was so affordable.

Here I am, only a month and a half into my treatments. I can bend, I can raise my legs up, and I can walk without pain and tie my shoes for the first time in two years! Everything isn’t perfect, I have more treatments and I may have to see Dr. Chiaf for a long time. But one thing is for sure, I feel at least 80 to 90 percent better than I did when I first saw the sign. Dr. Chiaf has changed my life. I am so grateful. I would recommend him to anyone. I am also giving him my permission to give out my phone number to anyone who is I serious about getting help. Call me.


Terrible pain in my neck and back

When I started seeing Dr. John Chiaf I had terrible pain in my neck and back. I was also suffering from chest congestion and pain in my legs. He’s the only doctor that has been able to help me and has done so without the use of pain medicine. If I am having a problem that is out of his realm of expertise he will refer me out to another doctor. I am so grateful for him treating me. I was referred to him by people in my church.


Carpel-tunnel syndrome

Dr. Chiaf is a caring and competent Chiropractor, who has been treating me over the past few years for back and neck pain, carpel-tunnel syndrome, and sinus problems. His knowledge of vitamins and natural remedies has also benefited me a great deal. I highly recommend him.


Lower back and Hips

I was having pain in my lower back, hips as well as some neck pain. I went to see Dr. Chiaf after my husband suggested that I see a chiropractor. It wasn’t long before I started to feel much better. I continue to see Dr. Chiaf so that I can keep feeling better. I have found that Dr. Chiaf is someone who truly is concerned about his patient’s health and well being. I highly recommend Dr. Chiaf for anyone who suffers from pain and wants to get relief.


The pain was keeping me awake.

I went to several doctors, my Primary Care Physician, and two Orthopedic Surgeons, just to name a few, for the low back pain I was experiencing. I also went to a Physical Therapist for several months. The pain was keeping me awake at night and made walking and sitting very uncomfortable. My sister suggested I see her chiropractor, but I was doing well with my Physical therapy and taking prescription drugs, pain pills during the day and sleeping pills at night. After spending a small fortune for drugs and missing work for the therapy I decided to make and appointment to see Dr. Chiaf. My first visit to him was a relief to find out he could help me without the epidurals that had been suggested by the back surgeon and the stretching and exercise of the physical therapy. By the end of the first week most of the pain was gone and walking and sitting were no longer a problem and I was taking less pills for sleeping. After one month I actually felt normal again. I’ve been seeing Dr. Chiaf for several months and am now pain free and not on any of the medications for pain or sleeping. I’ve recommended Dr. Chiaf to several friends and family members. He and his staff are very professional and have helped me tremendously


Hip Pain

When I first came to Dr. Chiaf I was truly suffering. I could barley stand for more than ten minutes at a time due to the pain in my left hip and general pain all over my back. Dr. Chiaf was able to tell me after my initial exam that I had 3 cervical and 4 thoracic vertebrae out of alignment, 3 compacted discs in my lumbar area. I had scoliosis and my hips and shoulders were 2 inches out of alignment. I had several pinched nerves in my back.

Within a short time the pain in my back disappeared and my hip and leg (sciatica pain) decreased considerably to the point where I could continue to work in a very physical environment. Within a year of regular visits my discs were able to regenerate, something I thought was impossible. I have continued to do so over the last three years, to the point where I was able to continue my career until retirement. I am now able to take extended walks, go fishing without complaining. If you have back pain or leg and hip or any complaints for that matter I highly recommend you to see Dr. Chiaf first. Before any M.D. piles on the pain killers and recommends surgery.


Suffering for years

I have suffered from back and neck pain for over ten years. During which I have been to several different chiropractors that offered no relief or hope form my condition. Even my spine specialist, (which I’ve had three) told me there was nothing that could be done other than to prescribe morphine for the pain and that I would need surgery in the years to come.

About two months ago, I threw my back out to the pint that I couldn’t stand upright nor hardly even walk. That is when I knew I was reluctantly going to have to see another chiropractor. I called my insurance company and they referred me to Dr. Chiaf. With skepticism I called his office and they were able to get me in right away.

Dr. Chiaf x-rayed me, discussed my history and my current condition. He told me he could treat me that day to help relive the pain and at least get me standing and walking again, but I would need to come in the following day to discuss my x-rays.
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I was very impressed that Dr. Chiaf discussed his technique with me before treatment. His technique is unlike any other I have ever experienced before. After just my first treatment I felt at least 40% better and was able to walk out of his office easier than I had walked in.

The following day I went back to discuss my x-rays and receive another treatment. Dr. Chiaf explained to me that I had some bulging discs plus some major alignment issues, but that he would be able to help me avoid back surgery. What a relief that was to hear. He then went on to explain that it would take at least 40 visits and then continued, but less frequent permanent treatments. Due to the fact that he was already able to help me after on treatment, unlike any of the other chiropractors I had seen in the past, I knew in my heart I could trust him and I would benefit greatly form his advice.

I am still going through my treatment regimen. I’m almost half way there and already I feel better than I have felt in years. So mush so, that I have been able to decrease my morphine intake which is a blessing in itself. There is no doubt I will continue to have Dr. Chiaf treat me for the rest of my life. It is better to do this than to have needless back surgery.

It is most gratifying for me to know that there is a great team spirit and support by Dr. Chiaf and his staff for my personal health over and above any other chiropractic office I’ve ever been to.

Dr. Chiaf is truly committed to his patients’ well-being and listens when concerns are shared and offers great guidance. He knows that healing takes place on all levels: physical, mental and spiritual.

I strongly recommend Dr. Chiaf to anyone who needs a chiropractor not only for back problems, but for your over all heath in general. Thank you Dr. Chaif and staff form the bottom of my heart. You are a God send.


I couldn’t raise my right arm

Before I started coming to Dr. Chiaf I could not raise my right arm or move it from side to side due to a fall. I was in considerable pain from this accident, but I am now able to raise my arm, and I can have the movement I did before the fall. I still have some pain in my shoulder form time to time, but with the treatments this is continually getting better.


Sore neck and shoulders

I had a very sore neck and shoulders with frequent headaches. I am still in the early phase of treatment but I already feel much better. Dr. Chiaf is an excellent doctor who genuinely cares about his patients. His staff is friendly, courteous and kind. Thanks!!


Couldn’t stand in one place for more than 10 minutes

For years I had neck and back pain from a previous job. I had trouble sleeping and I would wake up with headaches four or five days out of the week. I couldn’t stand in one place for more than ten minutes without having severe pain in my back accompanied by numbness and tingling. It affected my over all well being. I finally decided to do something about it so I visited Dr. Chiaf. I went in not knowing much about chiropractic, so I naturally was not sure if it was right for me Dr. Chiaf was very professional and thorough in explaining to me what my problems were and what was needed to correct it. After my treatment started I instantly noticed a positive difference. I no longer wake up with headaches, I sleep much better, and the back pain has virtually disappeared. I feel more flexible and I’m generally in a better mood. I’m very satisfied with the treatment I have received form Dr. Chaif and I recommend him to all my friends and family.


Numbness in legs

One evening in 1998 I was having sharp pains in my back and down my legs which eventually led to numbness in my legs. I called my chiropractor but he wouldn’t take me cause they were leaving early for a dinner. I remember seeing a sign for Dr. Chaif so I looked up his number and called him. They would gladly take me that evening. My husband drove me to the office and they had to wheel me in a wheel chair cause I was unable to even walk. Dr. Chiaf x-rayed and examined me, then gave me a light adjustment. Three hours later I was back home using a cane. I sat up in my recliner as I couldn’t lie down. About 3am I quit hurting and walked without the cane. I went to Dr. Chiaf the next morning, he showed me my x-rays and explained to me what was causing all the pain and told me he could help. Then he adjusted me again. I continued to visit Dr. Chiaf the rest of the week and could not believe how much it was helping me. I still go to him to this day in order to stay in good shape. I only go about once a month now but I still benefit.

Two years ago my husband fell out off of a desk trying to do some electrical work. After 30 minutes he said he needed to go to the chiropractor. I was shocked as he never goes to a chiropractor. He then told me what happened. We immediately went to Dr. Chiaf. He was able to help Ralph the same way he helped me, except he was in worse condition and it took him a little longer to come around. My family and I had to push him around in a wheel chair where he sat. He was determined to walk and started doing so after several daily visits to Dr. Chaif. This was in the month of February and by spring he was planting the garden and mowing the grass. I didn’t think he would ever walk again. He was 85 years old at the time and today at 87 he is able to do anything around the house that needs doing. No one will ever convince me that Dr. Chaif is not one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. He’s caring and very professional. I have recommended him to other friends and family.


Carpel tunnel

I want to thank Dr. Chiaf for helping my family and me with our Chiropractic needs. Before being treated by Dr. Chiaf I was skeptical of Chiropractic care. That all changed after my first few visit’s. I am a letter carrier and use my hands a great deal every day. I had seen a physician over carpel tunnel and he indicated I was facing surgery in the near future. After several treatments from Dr. Chiaf my symptoms were abated. This is just one of many areas that my family and I have experienced improved health. I would encourage you to see for yourself and visit Dr. Chiaf today.


Several pinched nerves

I have had headaches and neck pain since I was ten years old. My mid and low back pain started from carrying my backpack at school. I also had pain in my jaw (TMJ) for several years, and had difficult opening my mouth which made it hard to eat and chew my food. My mom brought me to see Dr. Chiaf and he examined me and took x-rays and told me I had several pinched nerves that was causing my pain and said he could help me. He outlined a treatment plan and I couldn’t believe it, I started feeling better, and my jaw was not popping as much. Now my jaw is much better and I can eat what I want, my headaches neck and back pain is much better and I have a lot more movement. I am able to stand up straighter without slouching anymore. I highly recommend Dr. Chiaf to anyone who is hurting he has really helped me.


I have always had low back pain ever since I was a child doing heavy labor.

As an adult my low back hurt so bad I went to the hospital and I had to wait two hours and never saw a doctor or anyone, so I left still hurting. I drove by Dr. Chiaf’s office and I thought “what do I have to lose?” Medical doctors would not help me. So I went to see Dr. Chiaf and he explained what was causing my low back pain and he told me he could help me. I started treatment and I felt so much better. Working in the roofing business and lifting a lot I need my back to be at 100%. So I continue to see Dr. Chaif, he keeps me going and he has saved me from having surgery. Dr. Chiaf is the best. If your back is hurting Dr. Chiaf can help you.


Shoulder and Back Pain

I am like you. Like you, I was concerned about what I should do, wondering if anyone could help me. I have lived with shoulder and back pains for as long as I know. Well, now I know. Dr. Chiaf helped me ease the pain without drugs. I feel better everyday as I continue my treatment with him. Just like it will do for you. I highly recommend Dr. Chiaf to everyone who wants to live pain free. I know he does a great job.


Back Pain

I had suffered from back pain for a long time, the pain got so bad that sitting, standing, and even walking was unbearable. I called Dr. Chiaf’s office and was told to come in that same day. Within a few visits I was already starting to feel better. The constant pain I had been experiencing for a long time started to cease. It’s been just about a month that I have been seeing Dr. Chiaf and I am no longer in constant pain! I am able to sit for much longer periods of time, standing and walking are no longer a problem! I feel better than I have felt in years!

Dr. Chiaf and his staff are always very friendly and welcoming. They have done wonders for my back pain and I have no doubt they would do the same for you.


Pain Free

I am a 69 year old man that has been a patient of Dr. Chiaf since March 2008. I developed severe back pain and could not even lie down on the bed. After a few months of treatment I was back to playing golf and feeling great. I continue to see Dr. Chiaf weekly and I am pretty much pain free. He has also helped relieve the arthritis pain in my hands and wrists. I have seen several other chiropractors over the years and Dr. Chiaf is the best.


Back Pain

I’ve been suffering from back pain for over 10 years. In a little over two weeks of seeing Dr. Chiaf, I was basically pain free. I was able to take long distance road trips, watch movies, and do everyday things like go to the mall with my friends without pain. One of the things I really like about Dr. Chiaf is that he takes time to explain what is wrong with your back, what’s causing your pain, and how he’s going to treat it. My treatment with him has been so effective that it has inspired me to become a Chiropractor.


Foot Pain

I was injured during gym class while I was in high school. Our instructor asked our class to run across the gum, jump up and grab the bleacher bar, climb over and run up the bleachers then run back down the bleachers, back across the floor to the other side of the gym. After that day, I could not walk flat footed without severe pain, I had to walk on the side of my foot.

I was so young that I did not realize how badly I injured myself. I had to “deal” with this pain for years after the incident. I felt I was headed for a life of hobbling around with a very painful cripped foot.

I was almost forty years old before I finally decided to seek help. I was fortunate that I found Dr. Chiaf. Following his treatment plan, I can walk flat footed and naturally without walking on the side of my foot. Dr. Chiaf suggested a series of x-rays and found that my spine was not in correct alingment. After several adjustments my spine was in alignment, my foot did not hurt and I felt great. I don’t know where I would be today if I had not made that first appointment. I just knew I was going to have to deal with all that pain for the rest of my life. I don’t feel self conscious about the way I walk anymore. It is difficult to explain how much better I am today.

I still visit Dr. Chiaf for maintaining the alignment of my spine. What a great experience this has been and what a big difference he has made in my life.



Hello Dr. Chiaf,

I am writing to tell you how much I have appreciated all you have done for me since I started coming to see you. My back and neck and hands are considerably better than when I first came in. I remember being concerned there was only one choice on my hands (surgery). You can imagine how excited I was when you fixed them and how good I felt, and they are still doing very well.

Thank you for everything


Back Pain

To whom it may concern,

I began my treatment with Dr. Chiaf over a year ago and the results have been amazing. I was having back pain from having an infant and having to constantly lift the baby carrier and other things. I would get sharp pains in my upper and lower back at times that would bring me to tears it was so intense. After seeing Dr. Chiaf I found out I had various pinched nerves in my back and also that my spine was not aligned. Dr. Chiaf began to adjust my back daily and the relief was wonderful. I go into his office when it is needed to keep my back maintained and to stay pain free.

Sincerely a happy patient

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