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Auto Accident Chiropractic in Oklahoma City

Woman with neck pain from accidentThe crunch of an auto accident is a sound none of us wants to hear. But even worse than the damage to your car is the damage to your body. Even in a low-speed crash with minimal damage to the vehicles, significant soft tissue damage can occur. Without getting too deep into the laws of physics, the force of the impact is absorbed by your body and can cause your head to snap forward and then backward (or from side to side, depending on the angle of impact) with tremendous force.

This type of whiplash injury is the most common injury in a car accident, and it can cause ligament tears in your neck and back. After the age of 20, there is minimal blood supply to the ligaments—and since blood and the healing nutrients it carries, such as oxygen, are necessary for healing, ligaments rarely heal quickly or very well.

How Chiropractic May Help

If you seek chiropractic care at Chiaf Chiropractic Clinic immediately after an accident, we can help restore optimal spinal alignment, which will take some of the pressure off the soft tissues in the area so your body can heal in the most effective way. Our chiropractor, Dr. Chiaf, has 40 years’ experience helping patients heal after auto accidents, and he will design a care plan specifically for your individual situation.

Adjusting patients neck

Our Approach

We take on-site X-rays to accurately diagnose your injuries. If needed, we will refer you for MRIs. We work directly with your insurance (and attorney, if you have one) to make sure you get the care you need.

Please bring your ID and health insurance card, along with your accident report and claim number, if you have them.

Your care plan will be customized for you, and the time it will take to recover depends on your age, health, severity of the injuries, and how long it has been since the accident.

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