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Acupuncture in Oklahoma City

Auriculotherapy by earAcupuncture is an ancient healing modality that originated in China. It focuses on restoring health by clearing blockages along energy pathways in the body called meridians. This healing modality can be a powerful adjunct with chiropractic care, providing a one-two punch that improves the flow of chi or energy throughout the body, while chiropractic addresses blockages in the nervous system that affect normal brain/body communication.

Rather than addressing symptoms or specific conditions, acupuncture seeks to restore integrity to the systems of the body, improving overall health and function.


No Needles

At Chiaf Chiropractic Clinic, we offer acupuncture that does not use needles. Micro-current auriculotherapy uses a very low-voltage electrical pulse that is applied to specific points on the outer ears. These points relate to specific systems and meridians throughout the body (not just in the ears) and can be highly effective in balancing the nervous system and accelerating the healing process.

Dr. Chiaf has decades of experience in this form of alternative medicine and is a fellow of the American Acupuncture Society.

Checking patients ear

What to Expect

Because of its ability to improve health, we recommend electronic acupuncture to our patients. The pulse is very low level, and you’ll just feel a slight tingling at the acupuncture point.

Since there are no needles, this approach is ideal for patients with phobias around needles. And since we are only working on specific points on the ears, there is no need to disrobe.

You can receive your therapy on the same visit as your chiropractic adjustments.

We know some people are still nervous about acupuncture, and Dr. Chiaf welcomes your questions. He’ll take the time to explain everything to your satisfaction and ensure you feel comfortable before proceeding.

Paying for Care

Unfortunately, most insurance does not cover this type of acupuncture. However, you may use CareCredit®, any major credit card or your health savings account.

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