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Nutritional Counseling in Oklahoma City

person pouring supplements into handOur practice offers personalized insight into your body’s needs, addressing a myriad of conditions prevalent in today’s society. Here at Chiaf Chiropractic Clinic, we embrace a holistic approach to well-being through Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) and Nutritional Response Testing (NRT).

With CRA and NRT, we are able to provide our patients with personalized insight into their body’s needs. This information not only tells you more about yourself, but it allows us to formulate a nutrition plan that is right for you.

Holistic Healing

Our non-invasive muscle testing, a combination of both art and science, helps us identify points of stress in your body and create a customized plan of care to help you heal more quickly. This approach to nutrition aligns seamlessly with chiropractic care, enhancing overall healing without resorting to pharmaceutical interventions.

Who Is It For?

CRA and NRT are compatible with patients of all ages and lifestyles. With the prevalence of anemia in females and widespread hypoglycemia due to the American diet—our focus extends beyond chiropractic adjustments. To support each adjustment, we highly recommend nutritional interventions tailored to the balance of blood health.

CRA and NRT have also proven beneficial for those recovering from automobile accidents. With their help, we are able to rebuild the muscles and ligaments with biofeedback techniques, promoting the body’s natural healing abilities.

Natural Solutions and Supplements

We exclusively offer our patients Standard Process, a renowned organic whole food supplement brand, to ensure supplement purity and potency. With an emphasis on gut health, we also incorporate cutting-edge supplements like Biofilm to further support our patients.
Our practice has a longstanding working relationship with Standard Process. We collaborate closely with our Standard Process representative to stay in the know of the latest advancements in nutritional supplements. Regular participation in webinars and seminars ensures that Dr. Chiaf and his team remain at the forefront of natural health solutions.

Join Our Practice

Dr. Chiaf and his welcoming staff are committed to individualized care. Our unique use of muscle testing removes the guesswork from your plan of care. We are proud to offer a spectrum of non-invasive, organic health care solutions that allow you to choose your path to well-being.

You are one step away from embarking on your transformative wellness journey. Join our practice today!



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